Blooming beauties

Blooming beauties

Artist and floral designer Caitlin Bingham brings a touch of spring to her exhibit.

Entering Caitlin Bingham’s exhibit at the West Tisbury library is like walking into the spring that has not quite fully bloomed on our Island. Bingham works in various media, but

all evoke the flowers she is surrounded with on a daily basis as a full-time floral designer at Morrice Florist.

“I started working as a floral designer about six years ago. A family friend owned a flower shop, and I had just graduated from college, looking for a job,” Bingham says. “I started painting flowers shortly after starting my job there, but I have always been drawn to nature as my subject matter. My work is not strictly floral, I also paint landscapes and other objects in nature, but my paintings are always inspired by the flowers I’m surrounded by every day. If it’s not the subject itself that’s inspiring me, it is the color palette I’m working with.”


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