Trend Summit 2020 by United Floral Inc.

Trend Summit 2020 by United Floral Inc.

Trend Summit 2020 by United Floral Inc.

Starts: Mar, 12

Ends: Mar,17

Trend Summit is a six-days event focused around the idea that of positive contribute to the future flower trends from an assembled group of forward-thinking flower professionals, including farmers, wholesalers, retail florists, wedding and event florists, mass marketers, educators, manufacturers, and flower enthusiasts, can. Visitors will take part in the conversation of how the floral industry can move forward in 2020 and further.

The event will feature Hitomi GilliamAIFD, and DESIGN358, a floral education, management and publishing company.

More information available at facebook or official site.

Photos from Hitomy Gilliam AIFD

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