ByWard Market cannabis store now offers delivery

ByWard Market cannabis store now offers delivery

OTTAWA -- Fire & Flower will now deliver cannabis to your home. The cannabis company has launched online delivery options for customers in Ottawa and Kingston. The Ontario Government is allowing cannabis retail stores to remain open during the

COVID-19 pandemic, but only for delivery and curbside pickup.

Fire & Flower says delivery on orders over $50 will be provided free of charge to customers.

In a statement, Fire & Flower CEO Trevor Fencott says “ensuring that residents of Ontario have access to safe, legal cannabis is key to eliminating the illegal, unregulated market and is a positive step in protecting public health.”

“The Hifyre digital retail platform’s ability to rapidly adapt to changes in customer service is a key differentiator in maintaining continuity of business for Fire & Flower.”

Customers can also order cannabis online from Fire & Flower and pick it up at the retail store on York Street in Ottawa’s ByWard Market.

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