Adidas Canada Gives DIY Floral Workshop for Mother’s Day

Adidas Canada Gives DIY Floral Workshop for Mother’s Day

Adidas Canada has joined forces with Toronto-based floral styling and design studio Mitsu to produce a digital DIY floral arrangement workshop for those wanting to channel their inner florist.  Founded by Caroline Bayliss, Nathalie Bayliss, and Casey

Marques Pereira, Mitsu fuses sharp aesthetics and unconventional materials with the design principles of Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging. The trio brought the brand to life after visiting Japan and seeing first-hand how captivating Ikebana can be. “When we came to Toronto we decided to take some Ikebana classes,” Caroline says. “We used that as a jumping off point to introduce our own aesthetic, creativity, and use those principles to make interesting arrangements people look at and say, ‘I didn’t know flowers could look like that’.”

The workshop itself is a video, and runs through some simple but effective tips and techniques to combine flowers and easily accessible items to create something memorable. “In the video we use bodega flowers we bought in the grocery store, but you can use things you have around you to make something interesting,” Caroline continues. “Flower arranging is so personal that it doesn’t have to have lots of elements to it. You can start simple, and go from there.”

That’s not to say the workshop’s just for those prepping for Mother’s Day. Particularly now, with everyone in lockdown, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring people together, try something new, and improve your home in the process.

“We’re inhabiting our spaces 24 hours a day right now, so it’s nice to have these little things that you can look at, smell, and see you’ve created. It makes your space feel special, and space is so important to our moods,” Caroline says. “The video is a really simple way to give people a starting point to do anything they want with. Within 10 minutes, you can make a beautiful arrangement with things that are readily available right now.”

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