February 18-19, 2020 - Back to Basics for Cut Flower Nerds

February 18-19, 2020 - Back to Basics for Cut Flower Nerds

Who remembers what parenchyma is? What happens inside a plant when it’s pinched? How do you know asters are related to sunflowers? Where do breeders come up with their ideas for new cut flower varieties?

Get ready to learn some of the basics: plant taxonomy and anatomy; how climate change is affecting agriculture; propogation and breeding; and more. 

This event is limited to 170 attendees. Check back for program and registration details. 

ASCFG Conference and Trade Show
November 9-11, 2020
The Reunion Resort
Orlando, Florida

Click here to read original article and register for event at https://www.ascfg.org/ascfg-2020/

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Cut flower nerds
3 years ago.
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I want to know all about my flowers.
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  • Stephanie Brown 3 years ago.
    Basically go study

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