Fall fashion 2019: 7 ways to wear this season’s top trends

Fall fashion 2019: 7 ways to wear this season’s top trends

For fashion lovers, it’s the most wonderful time of the

year — trading in those bright summer outfits for dark-hued layers. While last year’s fall fashion trends focused on everything from over-sized attire to crocheted outfits and shearling, this year is veering on the simpler side of things. We’re talking about outfits and accessories with clean lines, classic textures and traditional silhouettes. Runways imply caped outerwear, puffy sleeves and asymmetrical necklines are back with a vengeance. On top of this, we’re also seeing rocker chic leather looks perfect for a trendy office or a night out. Coordinating suits and jewel tones are still going strong, with textiles like lace and velvet being thrown into the mix for some warm texture. And these trends are perfectly wearable for any body type — a simple tailor treatment can turn a chic suit petite, while florals are completely gender-neutral. Toronto stylist and personal shopper Talia Brown Thall adds fall is “the best” time to shop — especially in Canada. WATCH: The rise of modest fashion, explained “Fall and winter are long [and] every fashionista loves layering,” she said. “Coats are always a winner. You can use a coat to make a fashion statement even on the coolest days.” This season is all about mixing and matching, Thall says, as well as the perfect pair of denims. “Get key pieces you can mix and match with everything,” she said. “Denim is also everywhere. Get the perfect pair of high-waisted denim you can mix into your everyday wardrobe.” Thall shares the top seven trends on the runway and how just about anyone can wear them. While last year’s print was heavy on plaid and houndstooth, this year is all about the fall flower. Set against a darker background, a “moody” floral is the perfect spin on a summer favourite print. “Dark florals are a personal favourite. I can’t seem to get enough of long-sleeved, maxi floral dresses in my life,” Thall said, adding that all stores — from Aritizia to H&M — seem to be getting this trend right. For a more gender-neutral look, […]

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