Chloë Sevigny Made A Rose Perfume You'll Actually Want To Wear This Fall

Chloë Sevigny Made A Rose Perfume You'll Actually Want To Wear This Fall


On a scorching Sunday in early August, Chloë Sevigny woke up, made a watermelon salad, and rushed to catch a ferry out to the Rockaways, to join the thousands of sun-baked and irritable New Yorkers who congregate there every summer weekend. When she got there, she realized she'd forgotten something: her perfume. "I said to my boyfriend, 'Oh my god, I forgot to put on my perfume, and

I feel naked,'" she says. "I also realized, I've been doing all this press and I haven't been including perfume as part of my beauty regimen. Because I don't think of it as 'beauty' — it transcends that. It's just part of life." Sevigny has always gravitated to rose scents; for years she wore a now-discontinued fragrance from Comme des Garçons, simply called "Rose." These days, the actress-director is reaching for Little Flower, her brand-new fragrance in collaboration with Régime des Fleurs that launches today. The eau de parfum is lush and juicy, with blackcurrant, peony, pomelo, and a very generous (and very expensive) swig of Turkish rose absolute. After testing 33 potential iterations, Sevigny and the brand's founders, Alia Raza and Ezra Woods, landed on this one and topped it off with a rich, smooth note of black tea, another one of Sevigny's favourite scents.

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