Virtual Flowers to Put Some Spring in Your Step

Virtual Flowers to Put Some Spring in Your Step

There is no doubt that fashion favors the floral print this time of year. Quotes like “florals for spring, groundbreaking” or the more colloquial, “April showers bring May flowers” resonate for a reason. This year, as we find ourselves indoors more than out,

it’s hard not to miss both the real flowers that we’re used to seeing sprout up as well as some of the lighter, brighter botanical pieces that we look forward to putting on as the season’s change.

That said, I personally have a new favorite floral quote that I’m living by, courtesy of artist David Hockney: “Don’t they know they can’t cancel spring?” Hockney has been creating beautiful iPad drawings of flowers lately that have been charming the world, one click at a time. This particular quote is the name of his daffodil piece. I’ve been seeing flowers of all variations sprout up across my screens -- not just from Hockney -- that have sparked the same joy that I formerly reserved for seeing them in the wild – or at the bodega on my corner. Personally, I used to think of taking my own pictures of flowers that I saw to be a bit of digital hoarding but now I find myself looking at even these, very amateur images with a renewed sense of wonder. So, in an effort to share my effervescence, here is a round up of the best blossoms to engage with now, from puzzles to prints, along with the floral print fashion items to match them. Warmer days deserve great flowers, no matter where you are spending your time. Think of this as gifting yourself a much needed bouquet, but one that will last even longer.

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