4 Florists Behind Fashion’s Most Dramatic Sets

4 Florists Behind Fashion’s Most Dramatic Sets

In their tweets and Instagrams, editors and bloggers unanimously noted the ravishing floral setting, which reportedly took one million blooms — including peonies, goldenrod, dahlias, carnations, delphiniums, orchids and several types of roses — to build.

And within minutes, pictures of the flower-filled, fairy-tale show location were trending online, helping to establish Simons’ new, romantic-modernist direction for Dior in the minds of millions of fashion spectators around the globe. Indeed, the effect was immediate and powerful. But this certainly wasn’t the first time flowers were being used by a leading fashion designer to help captivate audiences and communicate a creative vision.

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Photo: Sophie Carré // Mark Colle at work on Dior Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2012 | 

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