2019 Garden Trends

2019 Garden Trends

Garden design shares 10 important trends shaping the gardening world in 2019

From designing a garden that allows you to be more mindful, to growing your own food so you can feel more at peace about what you’re feeding your family, we predict that the tendencies of gardening in 2019 are leaning

heavily toward creating a space that brings you health, happiness and relaxation.

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About garden design.
3 years ago.
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I will know nothing new.
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Huh, my wife is a gardener
3 years ago.
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This not the trends for now. Check Times. It's time to represent 2020's trendy. Just do it.
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  • Sean Rob 3 years ago.
  • Krissy Bahamon 3 years ago.
    gardenin is tough

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