Province Unwavering On Flowery Problem In Stuartburn

Province Unwavering On Flowery Problem In Stuartburn


The endangered orchids of Stuartburn continue to be a source of struggle for many local farmers but the Provincial Government remains unwavering in their ruling.

The community of Vita is the last place in the country where the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid still grows. As indicated by the Endangered Species Act, places where these flowers are growing are illegal to touch or tamper with. Much to the annoyance of many Vita residents, this means a farmer cannot plow their field where these orchids are present.

In a statement sent to Steinbach Online, a spokesperson for Manitoba Sustainable Development said this: “We appreciate that this may seem like a hardship to some local landowners and a point of pride for others, but this is the only place in Canada where these flowers can be found. As such, they are afforded provincial and federal environmental protection.”

While provincial representatives are more than willing to come out and map or flag the regions where the flowers grow, they are unwilling to offer an exemption from the rule.

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