Uncommon perspective on flower biz

Uncommon perspective on flower biz


Not often does someone start operating a busy small business and find it less demanding than their previous work.

But for Jayme Melrose, long the public face of the Common Roots Urban Farm, her role as co-owner of Props Floral Design is, if not easier, at least simpler.

“In business, you’re creating something and you’re getting paid for it, whereas in the not-for-profit sector what you’re doing and what you’re talking about and where you’re getting the money from is very complex,” Melrose said in her shop in Halifax’s Hydrostone Market.

“So it’s really nice to be in the business world.”

Melrose and Ashley MacNeill, a longtime employee, bought Props in February. It’s been in its current location for six years after a long run downtown.


“I knew the shop because I was selling flowers to here from Common Roots. So over the years I developed a relationship with Ashley and (the former owner), and then I heard it was up for sale,” said Melrose.

“It seemed like a really great opportunity in a number of ways. Being a business in the Hydrostone is pretty nice. The potential of a partner who has experience and such a fabulous reputation made it doable for me. We have really complementary skill sets; she can do everything within the floral industry, and I have the organizational management skills.”

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