Starteks continue Cassidy's Flowers legacy on Main Street

Starteks continue Cassidy's Flowers legacy on Main Street

A successful husband-and-wife partnership has seen the charming shop continue

to thrive in its 114th year as a downtown Newmarket business Henry and Jo Startek are the owners of Cassidy's Flowers on Main Street in Newmarket, which has been in business for over 100 years/Natasha Philpott for Newmarket Today 1 / 5 For more than 100 years — 114 to be exact — Cassidy’s Flowers in downtown Newmarket has been serving the community with floral arrangements and gifts for all special occasions. And as much as its longtime business success can be attributed to the top-quality, personalized service provided to its customers, equally significant is the longtime partnership of its owners and their commitment to their community. Husband and wife owners Henry and Jo Startek, who first met in public school, decided to go into business together when they acquired Cassidy’s Flowers 30 years ago when he retired as

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