Flower business blossoms during summertime

Flower business blossoms during summertime

Tisdale Florists is one flower business that has seen production

increase during the summer months. (Aaron Schulze/northeastNOW Staff) Tisdale Florists has been busier than usual during the summer months, with milestones and occasions such as birthdays and weddings requiring displays. “It’s been really good, fun, and busy for us,” Owner Vanessa Savage said. “It’s not typical, but we can’t say we’re disappointed by this at all.” While Savage said Tisdale Florists has picked up more during the summer compared to other seasons throughout the year, there are still spikes in business with holidays during some cooler months. “Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas are our biggest holidays and they are big money makers for our business,” she said. “Christmas time, you’re going to have different things that are grown from down South. You have your carnations and roses, and people are looking for winter greens as well. Everyone wants

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