It’s that time again: Love is in the air, and with all that love comes a whole lot of flowers! Valentine’s Day is the number one holiday for

sheer volume of floral purchases, and a close second to Christmas in terms of dollars spent. Here are a few key statistics to help you prepare for what is sure to be a fantastic Valentine’s Day:

Fewer Celebrating but More Spending

Each year, fewer people say they will celebrate Valentine’s Day; last year only 51% of those surveyed said they planned to celebrate, and that number has trended downward for the past 12 years. Conversely, more money is spent on Valentine’s Day each year: In 2019, the average amount spent was $162, well above the prior year’s $144, and the total amount spent was $20.7 billion, a six percent increase over the prior year. This trend shows no signs of slowing down due to a continued strong economy.

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