Giant floral arrangement installed at Orlando City Hall

Giant floral arrangement installed at Orlando City Hall

In Bloom Florist wants to bring cheer to City Beautiful

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Tower of Light Sculpture has been a focal point at the intersection of Orange Avenue and South Street for decades. On Tuesday, the 60 foot tower received

a floral upgrade.

Employees of In Bloom Florist of Orlando gathered at City Hall Plaza to create an enormous arrangement at the sculpture’s base.

Dani Gill, marketing director for In Bloom, recorded a video as florists found the perfect spot for roses, daisies and carnations.

“Today we just decided to bring some cheer to the city,” Gill said. “Unfortunately we’ve had a lot of canceled events, weddings and just a general lack of business due to COVID-19. But we’re trying to make something beautiful out of something not so beautiful.”

Gill said the arrangement probably holds enough flowers for two events. A rainbow of colors swayed in the breeze as traffic drove by slowly. Bunches of flowers bound by rubber bands laid on the ground, in buckets and on carts.

Employees seemed to work with as much passion as they would for the biggest of weddings. The corner smelled like a bouquet.

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