Florists Feeling the Impact of Social Distancing

Florists Feeling the Impact of Social Distancing

Small businesses are scrambling to find ways to stay afloat amid the coronavirus.

Social distancing is

keeping people in their homes and canceling events. That means a billion-dollar industry like the floral industry is not blooming as usual.

“Right now a lot of weddings have been postponed so we’re missing out on that revenue,” shared the owner of Ken’s Flowers in Bismarck, Tammy Krein.

“No funerals and hospital deliveries even for people that want to get deliveries to someone that is sick in the hospital. We’re not even able to deliver any of those types of things,” said Melanie Kitzan, a florist at Concrete Daisiez in Bismarck.

Both Ken’s Flowers and Concrete Daisiez have seen a decrease in revenue and that’s impacting how they do business day to day.

“Maybe last week I had probably five people walk in totally and buy something off the street,” shared Krein.

“Generally speaking we will get two shipments a week. Now the wholesalers have cut the shipments down to once a week only. So basically you don’t want to really over order, because you really don’t know what’s going to come in and out,” shared Kitzan.

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