Tips for Festive Easter and Passover Tables

Tips for Festive Easter and Passover Tables

Since this week is both Passover and Easter, we wanted to share some inspiring table decor for you. Our flower lovers manage to be creative despite any obstacles – including Covid-19 – which clearly has defined 2020. But as nature teaches us,

we learn to be adaptive and often beautiful results then appear. 

Holiday Tips to Find Joy Despite Covid-19 Restrictions

Although Easter lilies are often used for this week, many of us only have daffodils or perhaps tulips at our disposal. Consider other flowers to enliven your table.

Here Carolyn Roehm used both daffodils and tulips to brighten her table while Jill Brooke from Flower Power Daily in the above photo used orchids and daffodils with her decor.

Tory Burch used luscious lemony parrot tulips for her table setting. Along with fresh flowers, she also used floral-inspired plates and napkins to create a festive feeling.

Learn to be resourceful with what you have.  Look outside for branches or greenery that can decorate the table. We are big fans of taking outside greenery and scattering it on the table. It creates a garden-like feeling. In fact, Jill often puts flowers like the daffodils on the greenery or inside leaves to create a truly special effect.  

Use some faux flowers as well to mix with live flowers.  When you see Jill’s table setting, can you guess which ones are faux and what are real?

Many of us will be Zooming Passover or Easter. Angle the computer so one can see you and not the flower arrangement. Or this year opt for just low vases or clusters of flowers.

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