Dramatic Floral Arrangements Inspired by Vintage Botanical Illustrations

Dramatic Floral Arrangements Inspired by Vintage Botanical Illustrations

Classic botanical illustrations are a beautiful marriage of art and nature—and the muses for these wedding blooms. The talented floral designers behind Putnam & Putnam created arrangements that look simultaneously vintage and new, ornate and

unfussy, intellectual and wildly romantic. All of which makes them ideal for celebrating another beautiful union—yours.

Hold the Drama

Vintage inspiration isn't just for your gown. When designing these arrangements, "we chose flowers that were common in Victorian prints," says Michael Putnam, who is one half, with husband Darroch, of the NYC-based floral design team. Those include tall, dark Fritillaria persica, black hellebores, and parrot tulips with the bulbs still attached. That unexpected touch, says Weddings flower pro and style director Naomi deMañana, "shows the cycle of growth." So it's just the thing to carry on a day when you're putting down roots. Vintage silk-brocade ribbon ($50 a yd., eastcoasttrimming.com) tied the entire look together.

Spotlight Specimens

Displayed under a glass cloche ($6.25 each, collectingwarehouse.com), a stem or two of a single varietal become an enchanting token of thanks for your wedding party or family members. Putnam adhered a pin frog to the bottom of each cloche with Flora‑life Sure‑Stik floral putty, then staked sturdy‑stemmed blooms onto the pins. To make them last all day, add a petri or Lomey dish filled with water, suggests Naomi.

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