Is It Safe To Send Flowers For Mother's Day Amid Coronavirus?

Is It Safe To Send Flowers For Mother's Day Amid Coronavirus?

Mother’s Day 2020 is going to be a bit ... different compared to years past. There will be no group brunches at restaurants or other big in-person family gatherings. Kids won’t be bringing home cute crafts they made with their art teachers at school. And the holiday may feel less festive for families dealing with loss, economic hardship and other trauma amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

So people are getting creative and figuring out new ways to celebrate Mother’s Day while social distancing. They’re also trying to keep some traditional aspects alive through Zoom brunches, at-home crafts and even flower deliveries. 

Many retailers in the flower industry are still operating and they’re offering Mother’s Day arrangements for delivery. But is it wise to send flowers to the moms in your life this year? HuffPost asked experts for their thoughts on the safety of Mother’s Day flowers in 2020 and their guidance for those who decide to go for it.

Consider the supply chain.

“The question is safe for whom? You the buyer? Your mother? The merchant? The grower?” said Jim Thomas, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of North Carolina and lead author of the American Public Health Association’s code of ethics.

“Ordering online seems so antiseptic,” he said. “All we touch is our keyboards. But there are lots of interactions in the supply chain to get those flowers to appear at a door ― all of them an opportunity for transmission between each other.”

Your level of comfort with a flower delivery may depend on how you’ve felt about other types of deliveries amid the pandemic.

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