Celebrating Mother's Day during the pandemic: What will the effects be on sales?

Celebrating Mother's Day during the pandemic: What will the effects be on sales?

It will be a Mother's Day like no other. In many countries, it will be celebrated on May 10 this year, and in every country, the run-up to this Mother's Day has been or still is different and more challenging than other years. But how will the sales be? Will

mothers be praised even more during this pandemic? We all hope to see it. All flowers and plants left the farms and are at or still on their way to the shop. Now, it is in the hands of the parties that will sell it to the consumer.

So, how was the run-up and what are the expectations in various countries? Below, we made an overview of the countries in the world. 


In the Netherlands, sales are picking up. In the market updates of Royal FloraHolland, the results of that country starting to ease the restrictions is visible, with demand for more and more products in the different sectors increasing. And in the run-up to Mother's Day, sales seem to increase sharply. Dutch flower wholesaler Bab Star, who mainly supplies to Dutch florists, has been selling out his stock in no-time this year. "That it's going this fast, I never experienced before." All kinds of initiatives, online, handing out flowers and selling flowers along the road, increased rapidly during the COVID-19 crisis. The same goes for the large online webshops that expect to triple their sales compared to Mother's Day last year.


Even though the demand is high for Mother's Day in the Netherlands and the surrounding countries, for the Kenyan growers getting their product to the Netherlands is a challenge. In Kenya, only 25% of the airfreight is available. This drives freight costs up and as a result the pricing of, for example, roses.


Europe is Kenya's largest export market, but what about Australia? It might not be a large export country for Kenya, but the African country is one of the main suppliers of flowers to Australia. The lack of import and the increase in demand for Mother's Day flowers resulted in a boost for the Australian flower industry, abc.net.au reported. The Australian customers were even warned that Mother's Day flowers will sell out, even despite the coronavirus.

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