Local florist offering virtual floral design classes

Local florist offering virtual floral design classes

A florist is taking his services virtual. Friendly Flowers and Bayberry Flowers owner Joshua Fredo says he’s had to change his business model since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Business has changed a lot. We’re used to a lot of walk in clients

and weddings. Due to COVID, we’ve actually lost most of our summer weddings because people are too afraid to actually have them,” said Fredo.

Fredo says that he used to offer floral design classes in person. He decided to take those classes to Zoom in order to give people a safe and fun activity to do at home. Fredo says that the classes can accommodate up to 45 people. “We can generally accommodate about 25-40 people during those classes, but being that we’re not allowed to gather, I kind of thought about everybody’s doing these Zoom happy hours and things like that, so why not do a Zoom floral design class?” said Fredo.

The floral designer says that he’s going to offer a variety of different classes, so that everyone can join in on the fun, depending on what they’re interested in. “What we’re going to try and do is we’re going to try and have at least one class a month about different things. We’re going to do floral design classes, we’re going to do garden pots, indoor dish gardens, succulent garden classes, fairy garden classes, and different things like that,” said Fredo.

Fredo tells 47ABC that the day of the classes, his company will deliver flowers, and containers to customers’ doors, and send them a Zoom invite. He’s also going to be recording the zoom classes and uploading them to YouTube.

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