Charlottesville floral company’s business model uprooted by COVID-19

Charlottesville floral company’s business model uprooted by COVID-19

Spring is in the air, and while you may be seeing more flowers outside, a floral shop in Charlottesville says less people are calling into the store. Plantscapes Florist owner Gary Bibb says the year started off normal, as Valentine’s Day is usually when he

sees the biggest sales. But just as business was blooming, the coronavirus pandemic came and nipped that in the bud.

“Probably 40% of our business left. With that, I had to let employees go," Bibb said.

In the nearly four decades that Bibb has created floral arrangements for weddings, graduations, and funeral services, the business landscape has changed.

“We have gone from being where you walk in or call in, which is most of the time, to where it is internet-driven. Our major competitions as a mom-and-pop floral shop, our major competitions are the grocery stores,” the owner said.

Bibb says he and his team are still delivering flowers, just without contact.

“You do ring the doorbell, you’ve put flowers in front. When they come to the door, you’re standing way back and you point to the flowers. You got flowers. It’s worked very well,” he said. “Every time I take flowers to a door, I always get a smile.”

The Plantscapes Florist owner also says for right now he is taking it day by day.

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