Maine Gardener: Let a hundred flowers bloom

Maine Gardener: Let a hundred flowers bloom

We’ve figured out how to survive. We can find protein and toilet paper, hand disinfectant for those who believe in that (I prefer soap), flour and yeast. I’ve written in the past few weeks about growing your own food, whether directly in the ground or

in containers. Growing food is always a good idea. I’m becoming a buy-local freak, and nothing is more local than your own yard. But man (and woman, not to be sexist) does not live on home-grown beans alone. There must be beauty. And for a gardener, beauty means flowers.


Now, if you want to have wonderfully fragrant lilacs to cut and bring inside, it is too late to plant them to get blossoms for this year. But for those of you who planted flowering shrubs a few years or a few decades ago, remember to do some cutting. I know people (good gardeners all) who never cut flowers to bring inside. They want to view them where they grow.

But I want my beauty where I see it most often. And that is with my morning cereal, my sandwich for lunch and whatever we have for dinner. I was reminded of this when our daughter gave my wife Nancy a lovely flower arrangement from Fiddleheads, a Cape Elizabeth flower shop for Mother’s Day. I am stunned by its beauty whenever I go to the refrigerator.


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