These Rare, Heart-Shaped Succulents Grow Flowers Out of Their Lobes

These Rare, Heart-Shaped Succulents Grow Flowers Out of Their Lobes

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Nature is truly amazing. From these gorgeous evergreen trees that grow rainbow bark to these magical mermaid tail succulents, we are constantly impressed by the flora and fauna around us. Speaking of

succulents, we’ve discovered a new kind native to South America that has got us seeing hearts—literally. Conophytum bilobum is a type of succulent known for its unique two-lobed body, which most closely resembles a heart. It’s safe to say we’re in love with these little guys.

Conophytum bilobum,also known as “living pebble,” is a small, stemless plant that grows lobes up to three inches in height, which often produce flowers from their center during the fall, according to World of Succulents. These plump, heart-shaped lobes are typically green and may contain a reddish or purple line at the top. As if this plant couldn’t get any more charming, the accompanying flowers, which blossom in the autumn, are usually a bright yellow or reddish-orange color. Conophytum bilobum plants fare well in dish gardens and can be grown at home.

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