Interflora gives a shot during Covid

Interflora gives a shot during Covid

Of florist

Bouquet is a unique gift. With this gesture of attention, you can demonstrate the depth of feelings for a loved one, emphasize the degree of respect or just cheer up for the whole day. In the Interflora Canada online store you can buy flowers for any event at a convenient time. We deliver the bouquet, decoration for the holiday or fragile flower arrangement carefully, at the exact appointed time and inexpensively. Interflora products have high quality. Interflora flower delivery has pleasant prices!

You can trust us

Our company offers two convenient options for the delivery of bouquets: throughout the day from the moment of placing the order, as well as ordering flowers at the appointed time. Flower delivery is possible during a pandemic! Interflora online orders in Canada makes it possible to order flowers really quickly and simply. Roses and tulips, daisies and lavender, peonies, chrysanthemums, anemones, strelitzia - we work with flowers from around the world! Interflora corporate florists with a delicate taste and creative thinking create real masterpieces of floral arrangements. As a pleasant addition to the bouquet, you can choose sweets, a soft toy, balloons or a postcard. Interflora flowers from the UK to Canada - easy!

Promotions and coupons

All of our discounts can be redeemed on flowers, plants and florist delivered gifts. Discounts cannot be redeemed on hamper orders, delivery fees, and they cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. We offer student discounts through Student Beans. All you need to take advantage of our exclusive Student Discount if your unique Student ID.

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Interflora reviews

The company boasts a tremendous amount of positive reviews:

This isn’t quite easy if you want to give friends in Canada a birthday surprise from England. However, with the help of Interflora there is no problem - what you ordered is delivered reliably and on time. Thanks for the great work!

Daniel Root

This company always has such a large selection of products. I can’t beat the perfect bouquet of flowers to cheer someone up and make it clear what you think about him :) Reasonable price and fast delivery, as always.

Mary Smith

Easy to order online. After sending, I could track the order and know exactly when and where it will be delivered. My friend was very pleased with the flowers when they arrived. Great service!

Ben Andersen

Great service always from start to finish. Even during this Global Pandemic, their standards, efficiency and delivery of their products exceeded all expectations. I would also recommend buying a pass with gold delivery, excellent value for money.

Kate Marble



Florists of our company can make a composition exactly like in the photo in the catalog or pick up something individual. Bouquets of various flowers, animal figures from buds, compositions in baskets and boxes can be a subtle addition to a gift, or can become a bright sign of attention. The flower delivery service is equipped with vehicles with special refrigerators. This means that at the appointed address will bring really fresh flowers in perfect condition. Ordering flowers with delivery in our store to your home or office will take only a few minutes. You can ask for a phone number in any case via email.

Interflora email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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