Flower magazine’s Jessica Cohen creates her version of the popular and ever-versatile floral hoop, a modern take on the wreath.

Flower magazine recently unboxed High Camp Supply Company’s Gardenia Vine and Bloom Box. These gorgeous, fragrant gardenias are perfect for weddings, as well as bridal and baby showers. I wanted to use them to create a versatile prop that anyone could make—a floral hoop.

Floral hoop hung on a natural wood front door
A floral hoop welcomes guests to the party.

A modern-day twist on the classic wreath, floral hoops are on trend, easy, and versatile. Use one to welcome your guests at the door or gate during a party or shower.

Read more about Make an Elegant Floral Hoop.

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Floral arragements.
4 years ago.
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An excellent floral arragement.
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  • John A.Pierce 4 years ago.
    RLY?!... you have no taste then

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No sht... no elegance here
4 years ago.
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the heck?
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