15 Gorgeous Wedding Flower Trends for 2020

15 Gorgeous Wedding Flower Trends for 2020

The coolest ideas for your wedding day blooms!

If you're newly engaged and starting off with a blank slate, or planning your big day for 2020 and looking for floral inspiration, the latest trends make a great jumping off point. Wedding florists are always honing new techniques and

developing their style, and with the help of Pinterest and Instagram, floral trends from around the world can be easily adapted by local florists with locally-sourced flowers. So regardless of whether you want a wedding that's cool and unique or timeless and classic, the latest trends can offer you wedding flowers with a more bespoke feel. 2020 is set to be an exciting year in florals, as established trends hit the mainstream, and new ideas start to bloom!

1. Sustainable Options

As with so many aspects of our homes, fashion and food, sustainability is big news in weddings, and in particular wedding flowers. Couples are finding creative ways to be less wasteful with wedding flowers; potted plants are a stylish way to re-use wedding flowers and foliage as gifts, favours or in your own garden at home. Low water options like cacti, air plants and succulents are increasingly popular, and many couples consider renting indoor plantsfor their reception space. Likewise, locally-sourced flowers and wildflowers featuring more and more, with Irish and British flower farms more popular than ever.

2. Fruits and Berries

Edible decor such as pumpkins, pineapples and pomegranates have been adorning tables for a few years now, but more and more florists are using them in their floral designs too. Dark berries, cherries, figs, mandarins and plums make opulent additions to any arrangements - just watch for stains if you're holding a berry-laden bouquet against your dress.


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