3 DIY Bridal Bouquets You Can (Actually) Make Yourself

3 DIY Bridal Bouquets You Can (Actually) Make Yourself

Did you know that the average bridal bouquet costs around $200? And with a large chunk of that price (around 30 percent to be exact) coming from labor costs, there's no question that creating your own bouquet could potentially save you some big bucks. Not a floral expert? No worries.

With these flower arranging tips and a little practice, a picture-perfect DIY bridal bouquet is totally doable. Watch the video below to learn how to make three on-trend bouquets, then read on for some need-to-know tips.

1. Choose In-Season Blooms

To ensure your bouquet features only the freshest, prettiest blooms, choose flowers that are in season in your area. In-season flowers will also cost less because they don't have to be shipped in from another locale. For example, sunflowers will cost significantly less in the summer and early fall than in the winter when their natural growing season is over. But if you absolutely MUST have sunflowers during the off-season, just be aware that they will cost a little more and may not be as lush and pretty as normal.

2. Know How to Order

Put in your flower order with a local grower, grocery store or florist at least two months in advance and order 20 percent more than you think you need. This allows for broken stems and mistakes you might make along the way. Arrange for a pick-up date of two to three days before the event to ensure your flowers are at their absolute freshest. (See itemized order lists for each bouquet at the bottom of this post.)

3. Take Care

As soon as you get your flowers home, re-cut the stems with very sharp garden pruners and place in buckets of fresh, room-temperature water to keep them hydrated and healthy. Store in a dark, cool place, like a basement or hallway, until ready to use.

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