Coronavirus: Changes to wedding rules 'under consideration'

Coronavirus: Changes to wedding rules 'under consideration'

he justice secretary has indicated there may be changes to lockdown rules which has led to weddings being cancelled due to the coronavirus. Robert Buckland told BBC Radio 4 he was giving "anxious consideration" to the effect of potential changes.

Weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies have been put on hold because of the ban on gatherings of more than two people to stop the disease spreading.

Mr Buckland was questioned after PM Boris Johnson's TV address on Sunday.

He used the broadcast to outline a "conditional plan" to reopen society in England.

It did not mention weddings or any other large social gatherings.

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The issue of weddings came up on BBC Radio 4's Westminster Hour, when panellist Katy Balls, the Spectator's deputy political editor, told the programme she was due to be going on honeymoon.

Ms Balls had planned to go away a week after getting married, but said "both things are going to have to wait" which she believes could be "for quite some time" after listening to Mr Johnson's speech.

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