Weddings warming up again as COVID-19 restrictions slowly ease

Weddings warming up again as COVID-19 restrictions slowly ease

With restrictions limiting weddings to no more than five people for the past two months, fewer people have chosen to tie the knot - and that's had flow-on effects to the industry. This includes Launceston formal wear supplier Timeless Elegance Bridal,

with owner Louise Scott saying she closed the business at the end of March by choice.  Ms Scott said the 1.5-metre mandatory social distance made it almost impossible to tailor dresses for brides-to-be.  "We're not a store that can go online, we work one-on-one with our customers and you can't do that online," she said.

"At the end of the day, I made the decision that when I open the doors, I'll do so with no less customers than I did 17 years ago when I first opened my doors."

The state government has revealed it plans to allow weddings of up to 10 people to occur from May 18.

From June 15, weddings of up to 20 people will be permitted.

According to Ms Scott, wedding season in Tasmania is typically between September and March.

She said finding the right dress usually starts six months before the date, with brides coming in one month before the big day for a gown fit check.

"We still have girls that are getting married in six months' time that are still working towards their weddings, but they can't come in for fittings," Ms Scott said.

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