New Jersey couple launches coronavirus fundraiser after wedding postponement

New Jersey couple launches coronavirus fundraiser after wedding postponement

"With this ring, you'll be fed" – that's the tagline Sebastian Cina, Jr. and Jaclyn Hockenjos used to launch a food drive and fundraiser, which took place on what was supposed to be their wedding day. 

Family, friends and campaign supporters showed up to the couple's home in New Jersey on Saturday to show their support for the selfless initiative, and they did so with a socially-distant drive by. While passing by, guests took a moment to donate nonperishable food items to the couple, who in turn are donating the food to their local food bank, Fulfill NJ.

"We were devastated when we found out we had to postpone our wedding. Then we thought about it and realized we could use it as a platform to help people in our community, and that’s exactly what we intend on doing," said Hockenjos, a first-grade teacher at Applegate Elementary School in Freehold.

In 24 hours, the pair received donations of food staples and raised almost $8,000, Cina told FOX Business, after only starting their initiative on Tuesday with a dedicated website.

"Giving back to the community is very important to us," he said. Together, the soon-to-be-wed couple hopes to raise money and awareness about the current hunger crisis people are facing as an ancillary effect of the coronavirus outbreak.

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